Mural Project

Mural Project


Starting on Wednesday, June 22, 2022, the restoration of the American House Mural at 412 N. State Street will begin.  Wall preparation will begin on June 9.  Painting will continue through Sunday, June 26.

The Unity Mural is being re-imagined with s new with a new design using the original theme and stories!  Chicago-Pilsen muralist, Robert Valadez, has completed the painting of the Unity Mural.  Mr. Valadez was one of the original participating artists who participated in its creation in 1998.  The new canvas will be photographed and applied to individual panels similar to the Millennium Mural – then mounted to a stud wall attached over the top of the old mural.  Water damage to the wall does not allow for repainting to its surface.

The Unity Mural is located on the north side of the Apollo Theater at 104 N. State Street.

Mural honors architect Jeanne Gang originally from Belvidere

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