Mural Project

Mural Project


During the summer of 2022, Belvidere welcomed two reimagined/redesigned murals to its collection.   Located at 104 N. State Street, the Unity Mural, designed by Chicago-Pilsen artist Robert Valadez, is a newer version of the former Unity Mural that resided on the wall.  Because water damage does not allow direct painting of the mural on the wall, Mr. Valadez created a canvas painting which was photographed and applied to high-quality panels.  These panels were mounted on the building’s exterior.

The American House Mural at 212 N. State Street, one of the original murals painted during the “Wall Dog Festival” in 1997, also underwent an update and slight redesign.  Fortunately, the original artist Elaine Wallis along with fellow artist Noella Cotman was able to return to Belvidere during Heritage Days to recreate the mural which depicts one of the most well-known hotels on the stagecoach route between Chicago and Galena.

The Unity Mural is located on the north side of the Apollo Theater at 104 N. State Street.

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